Vissmate Spray Bathroom

Vissmate Spray Bathroom

You have all the time to yourself after a very short cleaning...

Vissmate Bathroom Spray cleans difficult bathroom dirt excellently in seconds thanks to its descaler active formula. It eliminates scale stains and soap residues easily and offers fast and practical cleaning. It is easily rinsed from wipeable surfaces in your bathroom and shines them bright without leaving any trace. Vissmate Bathroom Spray brings the scent of cleaning to your bathroom and a sweet freshness with its unique violet perfume.

Daily cleaning is now quicker and easier thanks to excellent foam technology of Vissmate Fast & Practical Spray Family. Apply Vissmate Spray on the dirt in either foam or spray mode. It removes the stubborn dirt with its quick and powerful formula. You just need to easily wipe the dissolved dirt.


  • Wash basin, armature, bathtub, shower cabin, shower head, mirror, tiles, closet.

Vissmate Spray offers fast and practical cleaning for difficult and stubborn dirt with the option to use with foam. Spray Vissmate Spray directly on the dirt with the cover at the tip of the spray mechanism closed. Wait for around 30 seconds before wiping the surface for a better and brighter result. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth after rinsing.

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