Does your dishwasher smell bad?

Are you going to have an omelet for breakfast and fried fish for dinner? They are all extremely delicious. But what about the smell they cause in the dishwasher? Do not worry. Now you have Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach that smells awesome! Drop 1-2 drops of Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach Flower Garden in your dishwasher to achieve both hygiene and a fresh dishwasher like spring flowers.

Whiteness and hygienic cleaning all together!

We all suffer from stains on white clothes. Bacteria on these stains that you may come across every day can spread to your family's clothes in the basket. Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach can quickly clean stains as well as offering hygienic cleaning for your snow white clothes.

Let there be flowers on the floors...

Water is one of the most vicious enemies of the floor tiles. If you want to completely clean small stains on your tiles and fill your house with perfume scent, mop the floors by adding Vissmate Hygienic Surface Cleaner in the water. You will see that surfaces are immediately bright and your house smells perfect for a long time.

It is not that difficult to clean barbecue grill!
It is not a big deal to clean the barbecue grill. If you wrap the grill with a damp newspaper when the grill is warm for the residues stuck on the grill. You will see that residues get soft and fall off on their own.
Sparkling bathroom tiles making everyone jealous?
If you want your bathroom tiles to shine bright, you need to clean them with vissmate bathroom gel cleaner frequently. Fill the bathroom with steam by opening your tap in the hot water position before cleaning tiles and ceramics in your bathroom. Steam will make cleaning easier as it will soften dirt.
If only there were no water stains...

Scale in water causes droplets and marks on the surfaces. Vissmate Silicone Cleaner forms a thin layer on glass surfaces, shower cabins and taps it is applied to and causes water to flow over, it scales and other dirt cannot stick to the surface. 

You will not be able to take your eyes off of your shining furniture!

Vissmate Silicone Cleaner cleans all your wood furniture thanks to its anti-static feature and eliminates dust and dirt immediately. It covers your furniture that will have a shining brightness and prevents wear. Besides, it creates shining brightness on surfaces it is used and makes the life of polish longer. 

Carpet and sofa cleaning is now a lot easier!

Cleaning rugs and armchair cases weigh on your mind all the time. Thorough cleaning is also a lot easier and effortless with Vissmate Liquid Soft Soap. Deep dirt in carpets can be cleaned much more quickly if they are washed with Vissmate Liquid Soft Soap mixed with water and rinsed. In addition, it swiftly cleans armchair surfaces without doing harm to their texture or causing colors to fade. You will see your armchairs getting spotless, velvety and sparkling. 

Let the spring cleaning start in the kitchen!

Kitchen cleaning is one of the most difficult never-ending challenges for housewives. If you think "Pots and pans are stained, I need to make them bright in the spring", a small amount of Vissmate Kitchen Gel Cleaner with bleach additive applied with the sponge will suffice. 

Sink; the center of your kitchen...

Your kitchen sink turns to a germ ground if you do not regularly clean. Its appearance change and darkening, yellowing or clogging may also result. To prevent these, you need to apply Vissmate Kitchen Gel Cleaner with bleach additive that offers hygiene frequently.  It removes stubborn dirt in the sink and can be easily rinsed.

Wall cleaning matters...

Painting your dirty walls every year is both difficult and costly. You can get rid of the stains easily and reduce your cost by cleaning your dirty walls with Vissmate Liquid Soft Soap.

Take pride in your steel and metal surfaces!

Metal and iron surfaces such as armature, faucet, door handle, and cupboard handles in your house lose their shine as they are used. Vissmate Liquid Soft Soap cleans metal and iron surfaces easily and offers unique shine.

Are you looking for the perfect parquet cleaning?

We want our parquets to be clean and shine at the same time while cleaning. You will not believe the unique brightness that you get when you apply Vissmate soap-based Parquet Cleaner on parquet by mixing with water. 

Turn your bathroom into flower garden!

Do you want to know how your bathroom smells so nice? Vissmate Bathroom Gel Cleaner releases a fresh and nice scent in your bathroom beside the spotless brightness it offers. Your bathroom can smell awesome and shine bright!

How can you easily clean rust stains in your bathroom?

Rust stains are the biggest enemies of your bathroom. Drop some Vissmate Bathroom Gel Cleaner on a sponge, wipe taps, showerhead, sink drains and bathroom tiles and get rid of the rust easily. Make sure you do not use abrasive materials on surfaces.

A small tip for your bathroom rug...

Iron the crushed parts of your bathroom rugs with a wet cloth. Do not press the iron too much while doing this. You will see that crushed parts rise again.

Counters are always clean...

Your kitchen is a place to live joyful get-togethers, not just a place to clean. Vissmate Kitchen Spray is there for you to keep your kitchen counter always clean! Vissmate Kitchen Spray removes the most difficult oil and dirt spilled on your counter and offers bright cleaning thanks to its superior foam technology.

Dried greasy stain?

Do not worry about dried greasy stains splashed on kitchen tiles! Spray the Vissmate Kitchen Spray with grease remover formula on the dirty surface in foam position and wipe with a damp cloth. It is that easy to get rid off stubborn dirt in seconds with Vissmate Spray.

Are guests on their way?

You know that your guests will eventually use the bathroom. Therefore, you need to quickly clean your bathroom. Wipe in and around the sink with descaler Vissmate Bathroom Spray to make your bathroom shine in less than a second.


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