Sodium Hydrochloride is the disinfectant active substance of ultra thick bleach. It has bleaching, i.e. whitening action.  It has high disinfection level. This active substance is effective against bacteria, virus and fungi. Time of action is less than a minute. The advantages of Sodium Hydrochloride are that it is an anti-microbial substance with large spectrum, offers fast and permanent effect, mixed in water quickly, the chlorine gas produced during usage is not toxic, it has anti odor effect. Ultra thick bleach is a highly reliable cleaning product in terms of human health as long as it is used in accordance with usage instructions given on the packaging.

Hot water should not be used to mix ultra thick bleach with water as hydrochloride (chlorine) in bleach will vaporize due to contact with hot water and lose its efficiency. Ultra thick bleach should certainly be used by mixing with cold water. Do not contact products with chlorine with hands, face and skin while using.  The atmosphere must be ventilated when products such as ultra thick bleach is directly administrated on bathroom surfaces. Ultra thick Bleach must be stored in its own container in a cool cupboard without light entry in a place out of children's reach. 

Ultra thick bleach does not have adverse effects on the environment when it is used in accordance with its purpose of use. Ultra thick bleach dissolves as soon as it reaches the drain after it is used. Thus, ultra thick bleach does not mix with underground water as it does not exist in sewage treatment.

Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach can be used to clean tea, coffee and lipstick stains that accumulate on glasses in time and to eliminate bad odors on dishes used to cook fish and odors caused by micro-organisms growing in the dishwasher. You can use it by pouring 1-2 drops inside before starting the dishwasher.

Microbial reproduction also occurs in washing machines and this causes bad odors in time. If the odor is too disturbing, you can operate the machine empty in 50°C with half a glass of Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach. You can use Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach to bleach colored stains on white clothes and eliminate odor.

Ultra thick bleach should never be used or mixed with different detergents during cleaning.


It is a multi-purpose cleaner that delay the staining of the surface by creating a micro thin layer on the surface applied thanks to silicone it contains. It prevents dirt, dust, vapor, water and scale stains depending on the surface it is used.

Vissmate Silicone Cleaner is not fit for this purpose as it creates a slippery surface on the floor and areas it is applied. The slippery surface may cause slipping and falling. Therefore, Vissmate Silicone Cleaner packaging has warning signs indicating that it should not be used on floors.

Vissmate Silicone Cleaner contains silicone substance forming a layer on the surface. Therefore, it should be sprayed homogeneously sufficiently enough to wet the surface. Then, it should be cleaned with a dry and clean cloth until the surface is dry. Thus, Vissmate Silicone Cleaner is distributed on the surface as a thin layer. When sprayed on the surface too much, it will cause misting on bright surfaces such as mirror or glass as it will not be distributed evenly on the surface. 

Vissmate Silicone Cleaner is a product with neutral pH value. It is absolutely safe for face, eyes and skin. Even the silicone it contains is not harmful. Vissmate Silicone Cleaner is a water-based product and it is not harmful when inhaled. Unless children drink the product, it is not harmful but it is recommended to store the product in its closed package in places out of children's reach.


It is a natural cleaning substance made from herbal oil. It is a natural soap proved not to contain synthetic active substance according to test results of accredited laboratories.

It is an herbal soap proved to be made of sunflower seed oil according to test results of accredited laboratories.

It can be used in many places such as wood, parquet, tile, natural stones (marble, granite etc.) carpet, sofa, textile surfaces, oven, sink, tap, toilet bowl, bathtube, shower cabin, wall. 

Vissmate Natural Liquid Soft Soap is used on all surfaces either directly or by mixing with water. Add 1 tea glass of Vissmate Natural Liquid Soft Soap to 5 lt of water. It can be applied directly on the surface for intense dirt.

Vissmate Natural Liquid Soft Soap is easily dissolved in the nature as it has biological degradation rate over %80 according to test results of accredited laboratory.


It means the surface cleaner used to achieve a healthy atmosphere along with cleaning.

Vissmate Hygienic Surface Cleaner contains active substances that can clean efficiently without forming too much foam.

Detergents should never be mixed when cleaning.

Add 100 ml (1/2 water glass) Vissmate Hygienic Surface Cleaner to 5 lt of water. Then you can wipe all washable surfaces with the mop.


Vissmate Gel Cleaner sticks to vertical surfaces as it has the gel form. It stays in contact with the surface much longer when compared to other detergents with low density and offers more efficient cleaning.

Water stains formed in the shower cabin are caused by the scale that water contains. You can use descaling Vissmate Bathroom Gel Cleaner that does not damage sensitive bathroom surfaces such as armature, showerhead.

Scale accumulates on bathroom surfaces that always contact water. As scale has a porous structure, it traps dirt and regular detergents cannot clean.  As Vissmate Bathroom Gel Cleaner removes both scale and dirt, it helps restore the original whiteness of bathtubs and sinks.

Vissmate Kitchen Gel Cleaner can be used on surfaces with heavy grease such as cooker, oven, sink, cupboard, hood, extractor and ceramic surfaces. It should not be used on surfaces sensitive to chlorine such as furniture, wood, dyed surfaces and aluminum.

It cleans colored stains such as tea, coffee, juice and offers hygiene while removing heavy dirt on surfaces. Vissmate Kitchen Gel Cleaner removes even frozen or dried grease easily.

It does not require rinsing when used by mixing with water. It is enough to wipe the surface with a clean cloth when used directly. 


Vissmate Bathroom Spray does not only remove scales. It eliminates even the most stubborn bodily dirt and soap residues that stick to the scale while removing the scale accumulated on surfaces. It delays reoccurence and does not leave water stains after the surface is rinsed.

Vissmate Bathroom Spray does not damage nickel coated surfaces such as tap and showerhead. 

Vissmate Spray has the mechanism to form both spray and foam. You can apply Vissmate Spray in foam mode while cleaning vertical surfaces.

You can use Vissmate Kitchen Spray on all greasy surfaces such as cooker, oven, cupboard, extractor hood, extractor, sink, tiles, counter, pot, pan and grill. It should not be on polished furniture cupboards.

It is recommended to use Vissmate Kitchen Spray with gloves.

Apply Vissmate Kitchen Spray by filling water that covers the bottom of the pot. Then boil the liquid in the pot. Burnt grease will be easily cleaned.


It cannot be used on calcium carbonate based natural stone surfaces such as marble.

Detergents should never be mixed when cleaning. If  Vissmate Rust and Lime Remover and bleach are mixed, toxic chlorine gas will be generated.


Vissmate Grease Remover can be used to clean with cold water but do not use the product excessively.

It is necessary to rinse all surfaces after use.

Yes, you can. However, you need to thoroughly rinse after use.


It has high cleaning power and releases powerful, nice and permanent white soap scent.

You can use on all kinds of surfaces that can contact water such as tiles, marble, stone, wood, laminate, laminate, glass and mirror.


We recommend you to use Vissmate soap-based Parquet Cleaner that offer protection while cleaning polished surfaces such as wood, parquet, laminate.

Cleaning power of soap-based Vissmate Parquet Cleaner is much higher than other regular parquet cleaners. Also, it protects the polish on wood surfaces it is applied and it does not damage.

It causes slipping if it is used more than the recommended amount and requires rinsing.


Vissmate Glass Cleaner can remove different surfaces easily as it has high alcohol content.

Imported perfumes are used in all types of Vissmate Glass Cleaners. You can never smell bad odors.


Gel drain opener is the substance used to open sinks and drains. It opens pipes without requiring boiled water by penetrating the clogging thanks to its gel formula.

Vissmate Gel Drain Opener must never be mixed with other drain openers.


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