Legal Disclaimer


Vissmate website may record, store, update, disclose and transfer as anonymous data to third parties, classify and process your personal information subject to the occasions and extent allowed by the applicable laws and regulations.

Your personal information is processed for the purposes of confirming your identity details, recording your address and other information for communication, communicating with visitors with regard to the present state and other updating of visitors’ applications, giving the necessary information to visitors, creating records and documents in softcopy or hardcopy to use them as basis for such processing, disclosing information to governmental authorities upon demand in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, increasing visitors’ satisfaction level, getting to know them and assessing their complaints and suggestions about the services we provide, performing our legal obligations, and using the rights we have under the applicable laws and regulations.

Personal information shared with Vissmate website is supervised by us. Acting as a data handler, we undertake responsibility for establishing the organization and taking and adapting the technical measures needed to protect confidentiality and integrity of personal information in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Personal information of the visitors of this website is shared with third parties subject to consent given by the visitors and, as a rule, is not provided to third parties unless a prior approval is obtained from the visitors.

Personal information is disclosed to governmental authorities on the grounds of the obligations stipulated in the applicable laws and regulations, upon demand of such authorities and on the grounds of jurisdiction and powers of such authorities. Furthermore, we transfer personal information to certain contractual third parties for the purposes of providing the services we have undertaken and performing quality control on those services.

Technical and legal measures needed to prevent violation of personal rights are taken during transfer of personal information to third parties. However, Vissmate website will not be held responsible for any violation that might arise due to the information protection policies of such third parties and in the field of risk for which such third parties are responsible.

Your personal information may be shared with the institutions and businesses acting as our program business partners for the purpose of performing our business activities, with persons and businesses located at home and/or abroad from whom we buy cloud services for storage of data, and with other third parties and business partners for making various improvements to provide users with better services.

Under KVKK, you have the right to ask us whether your personal information is processed, to ask us for information if such processing is performed, to ask us the purpose of such processing and whether your personal information is used for such purpose, to ask us the names of third parties located at home and abroad to whom your personal information is transferred, to ask us to correct your information processed in an incomplete or incorrect way, to ask us to delete and/or destroy your personal information in accordance with Section 7 of KVKK, to ask us to notify such correction, deletion and/or destruction to the third parties to whom your personal information has been transferred, to object any negative outcome of the analysis of your personal information by exclusively automatic systems, and to claim compensation if you suffer a loss due to processing of your personal information in a way violating KVKK.  Please send all of your questions and comments on your personal information to

Vissmate website reserves the right to update this Confidentiality Policy and Protection of Personal Information in accordance with changes or amendments to any of the applicable laws and regulations.

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