Vissmate Silicone Cleaner

Vissmate Silicone Cleaner

No more water stains and dust!

Have yourself perfect and sparkling floors with Vissmate Silicone Cleaner. Meet a long-lasting and permanent type of cleanliness!

Vissmate Silicone Cleaner makes water stains and fast-forming dust a thing of the past! Equipped with an improved formula of superiority, Vissmate Silicone Cleaner covers any surface like a micro-thin film thanks to its water-repelling and anti-static features and prevents water from flowing off the surface and sets back dirt and dusting.

Vissmate Silicone Cleaner averts the formation of stains on surfaces extends the time for a home to remain clean. Do not fight against stains, dust, and water stains. Just stop them!


  • Scale in water causes droplets and marks on the surfaces. Vissmate Silicone Cleaner forms a special micro thin film on surfaces and makes water go away. Thus, lime in water and other stains cannot hold on to any surface. It perfectly lets surfaces shine thanks to the polishing effect of silicones in its content.


  • Silicone-reinforced Vissmate Silicone Cleaner makes water stains slide off surfaces and thwarts the formation of water stains. The anti-static feature pushes the dust away and sets back dirt and dusting. It prevents any vaporization and clouding thanks to the vapor-repelling stucture of its silicone.


  • Vissmate Silicone Cleaner is applied to clean all the delicate wood surfaces such as furniture as its pH is neutral. Vissmate Silicone Clenaer's polishing effect offers an impeccable luster. It pushes dust away and sets back dusting. Silicone texture forms a protective layer on surfaces and prevents scratches and wearing. It also prolongs the polishing life of your furniture.


  • Vissmate Silicone Cleaner cleans down daily dirt and stains on metal surfaces such as built-in cookers, ovens, cooker hoods, refrigerators and lusters them all with a polishing effect. It prevents dirts and stains from re-sticking on surfaces and averts vaporescence.


  • The silicone-reinforced Vissmate Silicone Cleaner sets back re-dusting and staining on glass chandeliers and crystals. It provides sparkling luster.


  • Vissmate Silicone Cleaner covers your car's external surface with a micro thin film. It provides protection against scratches and UV rays of the sun. It perfectly cleans plastic and vinyl surfaces inside and glass surfaces and hoods outside of your car and makes it all shiny with a polishing effect. You can use it by putting Vissmate Silicone Cleaner in half of your car's windshield washer fluid tank and and the original windshield washer fluid in the other half. Thus, you will get to see water and rain droplets flowing away from your car's windshield.

Permanent Cleaning Technology: In regular use, Vissmate Silicone Cleaner forms a micro-thin layer on surfaces thanks to its silicone structure and prevents dirts, dust, water and lime stains from holding on. It makes the surfaces remain clean for a longer period. (Compared to other similar surface cleaners)

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