Vissmate Parquet Cleaner

Vissmate Parquet Cleaner

Put the signature of 7 Actions on wood surfaces!

Soap based Vissmate Parquet Cleaner protects the natural brightness of sensitive surfaces such as wood, parquet and laminate thanks to its special protective formula. It cleans grease, soot, dust, and dirt thoroughly without damaging wood surfaces and offers excellent brightness. Brings the scent of honeysuckle into your home with its unique perfume and offers freshness for a long time.


  • All wipeable wood surfaces such as parquet, wood kitchen cupboards, wood doors and windows, wood stairs, wood furniture.

Vissmate Parquet Cleaner with 7 Actions: Cleans hygienically. Offers unique brightness. Protects your parquet. Offers perfume freshness for a long time. Does not leave any dusts behind. Does not require rinsing. Offers fast drying.

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