Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach Flower Garden

Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach Flower Garden

Spring-scented flowers are in your house.

Vissmate Ultra Thick Bleach provides hygienic cleaning and maximum protection for all surfaces. Thanks to its extra thick texture, it sticks to surfaces for a long time and helps to sustain the hygienic protection impact in your living spaces.



  • Toilet seat, sink, bathtub, shower cabin, tap, kitchen counter, chopping board.


  • Kitchen & bath tiles, floors, tiles, cleaning cloth and sponge.


  • Manual and automatic cleaning of white clothes.

Enriched perfume essences made of high quality standards have been used in all Vissmate Thick Bleach varieties in order to prevent the sharp chemical smell of Sodium Hypochlorite and to avoid discomfort to the user.

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