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The Privacy Policy concerning the website (hereinafter referred to as “Vissmate Website”), the content of which is determined by Vissplus Tüketim Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim ┼×irketi (hereinafter referred to as “Vissmate”) is described below, while the method of handling personal information obtained due to the use of Vissmate Website is defined explicitly herein.

You acknowledge this Privacy Policy by visiting and signing up to Vissmate Website and using the services we provide, and expressly approve that your personal information is collected, stored, used and disclosed as specified in this Privacy Policy and accept that you are familiar with all legal disclaimers in this respect.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

By using Vissmate Website, you allow your personal information to be collected and used as specified in this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept your personal information to be collected and used, please do not use Vissmate Website, or do not provide your personal information to Vissmate in other forms.

Vissmate may request your personal information under the following conditions:

-          Product orders and all kinds of service procurements

-          Visiting Vissmate Website

-          In surveys conducted in order to get your opinions and requests regarding the products/services being sold

-          In relation to conditions which are necessary to provide you the best and most affordable services/products and to improve product quality

-          While participating in campaigns organized for increasing sales efficiency and in all other similar situations when required.

Personal information to be requested by Vissmate includes:

-          Contact information (name and last name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc.)

-          Statistical information (age, annual income etc.)

-          In case required by the service/product to be procured, it may include any and all kinds of information that Vissmate may request.

The personal information collected as described above shall be limited to those necessary for products offered and acquired by legal means, and used for the delivery of requested services, improvement of services/products provided by Vissmate (within this context, in publicity campaigns, advertisements etc. that aim to increase the effectiveness of campaigns and promotions) and for similar other valid purposes.

Unless prior consent is received or legal requirements necessitate, personal information shall not be used for any purpose other than those specified above. (Please refer to the Cookie Policy page for cookies and statistical data.)

Vissmate shall under no circumstance collect data from children below the age of 13. Vissmate Website is designed for the use of adults, and it is not intended for the use of children. Vissmate is not interested in information regarding children younger than 13 years-of-age. If you are below 13 years old, please do not provide any information. In case parents or legal guardians suspect that a child or children under their custody provide information which belongs to someone to Vissmate Website, and it is necessary to delete such information, please send an e-mail to In such a case, the mentioned information will be deleted as soon as possible.

The Method of Collecting Personal Information

Your personal information may be collected in a variety of ways:

1. When you visit Vissmate Website, general and personal information about you (such as your IP address, the internet browser you use, websites you visited before logging in to Vissmate Website) may be retrieved automatically by using cookies and other technologies.  Vissmate Website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service rendered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”. These are text files which are saved on your computer and allow analysis to be performed regarding the use of Vissmate Website. When you use Vissmate Website, you declare that you approve Google to collect and process these data.

2. On Vissmate Website, we may collect personal information you willingly provide us through sections such as job applications, contact forms, e-bulletin requests etc. We store this information centrally. If competent authorities request toutilize Vissmate Website in case of any criminal investigation, having confirmed the reliability of the counterparty, personal information will be shared regardless of the user’s consent.

Management of Personal Information

Without prejudice to the conditions required by law, all abovementioned situations and those in which the consent of the individual has been received, as well as the conditions specified in relation to cookies and statistical data, Vissmate undertakes not to share or disclose any of your personal information obtained in the manner hereinabove.

Safety of Personal Information

In order to maintain personal information provided as required, Vissmate employs a company management system, trains Vissmate employees on keeping customer information confidential and secure, and takes rational and appropriate security precautions to block unlawful attempts to access personal information via Internet, and to prevent the loss of and damage to personal information, or avoid any similar threats whatsoever.

However, as is known, third persons may retrieve your contact information or other personal information unlawfully, use them for malicious purposes or abuse them. Hence, even though we strive to protect the privacy of your information and take the necessary security measures, it is impossible to assure their confidentiality under all circumstances. Therefore, we disclaim any responsibility for any pecuniary loss and intangible damage which may arise as a result of unlawful retrieval of your personal information by third persons, the use of such information for malicious purposes, the abuse of this information and/or any similar case.

Vissmate reserves the right to suspend the use of personal information, take necessary measures to delete and to correct such information, whenever it deems necessary, in order to administer Vissmate Website securely.

Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of the Use of Personal Information

In the event that visitors request the nondisclosure, correction or suspension of the use of their personal information in writing, Vissmate shall acknowledge this request. However, if such request does not meet legal requirements or a long time after the last use of personal information in question by Vissmate has passed, Vissmate may not execute the visitor’s request.  

Social Media

Vissmate may use your personal information on social media platforms and third-party websites to develop its mass audience segment through targeted advertisements.

Furthermore, Vissmate Website may also introduce you with social add-ons via various social networking platforms. For instance, Vissmate Website may contain third-party “add-ons” and other website features which enable interaction with social networking sites such as Facebook “like” button, Facebook chats, login domain or other website functions. Along with their functioning and use, these “add-ons” and information submitted to third parties as part of their use shall be governed by the privacy policies and practices of the third party which provides the add-on. Vissmate shall have no control or responsibility as regards the privacy policies or practices of these third parties. Before deciding to use third party “add-ons” or features, please read their privacy policies carefully.

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