Vissmate Aferin Spray

Vissmate Aferin Spray

One solution for all surfaces!

Vissmate Aferin Spray offers fast and practical cleaning in all parts of your home such as kitchen, bathroom, clothes, armchairs, carpets and curtains thanks to its specially developed multi purpose formula.


  • Cooker, hood, oven, sink, kitchen cupboards, counter, tiles, burnt pot, pan, refrigerator,


  • Sink, bathtub, shower cabin, showerhead, toilet bowl, armature, tiles


  • Daily dirt on carpet, armchair and clothes, heavy dirt on collars and cuffs, tulle, curtain

Vissmate Aferin Spray is effective on: Burnt pot, pan (You can directly spray Aferin on the burnt part of the pot or pan and wipe.) Oil stain (It is also effective on mechanical oil; oil stains spilled while doing repairs at home or on clothes of workers in workshops), adhesive residue, dirt on shoes, tire trace.

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