Vissmate Cream Cleaner Lemon Scented

Vissmate Cream Cleaner Lemon Scented

Whitest form of lemon scented cleaning.

Vissmate Cream Cleaner acts on stubborn dirt that look impossible immediately, cleans them effortlessly and easily rinsed thanks to its effective cleaning formula developed with Active Micro Particle Technology.

Vissmate Cream Cleaner that you can use reliably on all surfaces offers excellent whiteness and bright cleaning on surfaces it is used with its special creamy form. Vissmate Cream Lemon Scented brings the freshness of cleaning to your house with its unique lemon scent.

Vissmate Cream Cleaner that completely cleans difficult and stubborn stains will be your most important assistant in your house. Dirt are gone and bright whiteness is restored!


  • Sink, faucet, stove, oven, kitchen countertop, closet, bathtub, shower head, tiles, PVC window, wall, plastic table and chair, pots, pans, shoes.

%50 of Vissmate Cream Cleaner consists of millions of micro-mineral particles existing in a homogeneous form. Micro particle minerals cleans the surfaces without scratching by reaching even the thinnest lines actively thanks to Vissmate Cream Cleaner’s superior formula.

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