The Story Of Vissplus


Survival instinct that is the most basic feeling of living beings caused people to search for safe and protected living spaces. Humankind has lived in caves with high ceilings and structures it built to feel safe during the history. These structures that offer the feeling of safety and space is the projection of men's will to live safely.

Men have taken various roles since the day that struggle with nature started. Women provided the sustainability of living spaces that the family had by establishing loyalty, safety and protected life as their principles. Women achieved peace and happiness by maintaining this protected life in a hygienic and fresh way as well as taking the role of cleaning.

Vissplus Team operates with the principle being aware of the insight of human history as well as being an experienced and skilled team with its knowledge in cleaning industry. They built their organizational structure with the desire to be the symbol of cleanliness, health and hygiene in living spaces by being inspired of freshness and safety observations in all projects they completed.

Vissplus logo was created with this principle that humanity created.

First line symbolizes freshness and infinity,

Second line symbolizes safety and hygiene,

Triangle symbolizes protected life.

These three figures takes the shape of the roof a protected structure when put together. 


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